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New technology for safe & reliable internet connection for school children everywhere



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic over 1.5 billion children around the world are no longer physically attending school. Many schools have closed their doors, leaving their students at home and expecting them to create virtual classrooms. UNICEF estimates that 463 million school children cannot access online learning. Never before have so many children not been able to go to school. This has disrupted their learning and upended their lives. Even children in developed nations, such as Australia and Israel, have become marginalised.

Many families cannot afford readily available, reliable, and fast internet and their children are missing out on vital learning. These children will fall further and further behind in their studies, reducing their chances to improve their lives in our competitive technological world.

Every Child Online is working with Mard Philanthropy, StratusX, an Israeli hi-tech enterprise, as well as municipalities and local schools, to provide internet connection to hundreds of students in need. We are providing a revolutionary mobile device to allow them to access free (or heavily subsidised) fast, reliable and safe internet for their studies. Not only will these children gain the opportunity to participate in online lessons but they will also gain access to a  educational resources and be able to participate in the digital world. Currently, our projects are throughout Australia and Israel.


Our vision is a world in which all children have equality of access to education, including online learning. Our mission is to provide internet for school children everywhere, so they can access online lessons and continue their education at home. We believe that as we improve opportunities for education, we improve opportunities in life, which result in enhanced personal and societal advancement, and a brighter future for all.


To ensure that every child has the opportunity to receive,  and participate in, formal online education

To ensure that every child has access to online educational resources

To reduce wealth inequality for disadvantaged and marginalised groups through improved education

To increase opportunities for participation in the digital world

To increase exposure to technology-based future career opportunities

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